Short Film: Phantom Limb

Today’s short film will stop you in your tracks. Written, directed, and animated by Alex Grigg, Phantom Limb is a hauntingly beautiful vignette of loss and recovery. This powerfully emotional piece is Grigg’s debut as a writer/director, and his contribution to Late Night Work Club‘s first anthology: Ghost Stories. Phantom Limb was an official selection in the 2014 Sundance Shorts Competition.

Written, Directed and Animated by Alex Grigg
Additional Animation by Alexis Sudgen, James Hatley, Jean-Gui Culot, Jarrod Prince, Bill Northcott,
Backgrounds by Colin Bigelow with German Casado, Jason Pamment, Alex Grigg, Bjorn-Erik Aschim
Sound Design & Audio by Oswald Skillbard
Music Written and Performed by Kirsty Tickle and Jonathan Boulet
Doctor Voiced by Clifford Hume,
Martha Voiced by Sarah Jones,
Compositing by Ryan Kirby, Alex Grigg, Scott Benson
Digital Ink and Paint by Rimon Bar, Alexis Sudgen, Jasper Parker Trenfield
Special Thanks: Rosie Afford, Jake Armstrong, Greg Sharp, Ben Leon, Scott Benson, Bruce and Bronwyn Grigg,
Produced for Late Night Work Club

Learn about the making of Phantom Limb here:


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Short Film: Tooty’s Wedding

It’s Wednesday! Get yourself over the hump with the Short Film of the Day: “Tooty’s Wedding”.

The premise is simple: a young couple heads out to the country for the weekend to attend a friend’s wedding. The situation becomes uncomfortably hilarious as the couple’s marriage hits a rough patch.

Directed by Fred Casella and produced by London’s Hoot Comedy, “Tooty’s Wedding” is a slice of delightfully awkward humor, and the acting is excellent. Don’t miss it! (more…)

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